Winter Olympics

NBC expecting multi-million dollar losses on Vancouver Olympic coverage

By Duncan Mackay

January 10 - Broadcaster NBC  is expecting to make losses of up to $200 million (£124 million) when it screens the Olympics in Vancouver next month - even though advertising sales are on a par for the two previous Winter Games - which could make negotiations even tougher for the International Olympic Committee (IOC) when the bidding opens for a new contract.

Pyeongchang bid for 2018 caught up in Olympic wrestling bribery scandal

By Duncan Mackay

January 10 - South Korean officials fear that Pyeongchang's bid to host the 2018 Winter Olympics could be dragged into a controversy involving Chun Shin-il (pictured), the chief executive of Sejoong Namo Tour and the President of the Korea Wrestling Federation (KWF), who has been linked with giving bribes to referees during the 2008 Games in Beijing.