December 21 - Pyeongchang's bid for the 2018 Winter Olympics is supported by more than 90 per cent of the South Korean public, a new poll today claimed.

A telephone survey claims that 91.4 per cent out of 1,000 interviewees back the city's campaign for the 2018 Games, which is seven per cent higher than the approval rating of the 2014 bid according to a 2007 poll by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) when the South Korean city was bidding for the second time but were beaten by Sochi.

In addition, the Games have 93 per cent support in Pyeongchang County, Jeongseon County and Gangneung, the proposed sites of the Olympic venues.

Among those who live outside Pyeongchang, 46.9 per cent believe that the biggest benefit of holding the Winter Olympics will be improving Korea's image and building up the nation's brand value, 30.2 per cent said it would be expanding infrastructure and reviving the regional economy and 14.6 per cent believe it would be developing winter sports in Korea.

Among Pyeongchang residents, 56.2 percent say reviving the regional economy will be the biggest benefit of hosting the Olympics, 25.1 per cent said it would be the nation's image and brand value and 7.7 per cent said it would be the development of winter sports in Korea.

Jang Jai-ryong, the secretary general of the Pyeongchang 2018 Bid Committee, said: "First of all, I should appreciate the high-level strong public support.

"Concentrating its support and long-cherished desire on the bidding, we will be able to bring the 2018 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games to PyeongChang by all means."

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