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Paralympic Archery
Paralympic Shooting
Capacity 7,500
Bringing the Olympic and Paralympic Games to South East London, the Royal Artillery Barracks will be hosting shooting, Paralympic shooting and Paralympic archery next year.

The 'home of the royal artillery,' it was home to the royal Arsenal complex which served as the British government's prime manufacturing facility for armaments.

Completed by James Wyatt in 1802, the barracks boasts the longest continuous façade in the United Kingdom at 1080 feet.

To this day nearby Woolwich Common remains a designated military training area, and the Woolwich Dockyard has a military history dating back to Stuart and Tudor times.

Originally Bisley was meant to be the location for the shooting at the Olympics but it was changed after the International Olympic Committee protested over the number of events taking place outside the capital.

Temporary stands will be erected so that 7,500 fans can view the events, with four individual ranges for pistol and rifle shooting being put together.

After the games the shooting hall will be deconstructed and taken elsewhere in the UK.

Four temporary indoor ranges for both pistol and rifle shooting have been built with outdoor shotgun ranges for Trap and Skeet.

Given the venue's military history, it is a fitting as well as iconic location for the nine day Olympic shooting competition.

A total of 36 events will take place at the Barracks during the Olympic and Paralympic Games