Volleyball World opens doors to potential hosts for VNL 2025-2027. VNL

The Volleyball Nations League (VNL) has launched the global bidding process for cities interested in hosting the group stages and finals of the VNL from 2025 to 2027. Interested National Federations, cities, governments or interested parties are invited to submit their bids by 19 April 2024, with the selection to be announced in August.

The world's most prestigious annual volleyball competition, the VNL, continues to grow. Last year the league saw an increase in spectators of almost 20%. The sponsorship value of the VNL also increased by 27% and from 2022 to 2023, the cumulative global audience grew by 48%. The 2023 VNL also attracted a huge audience with a social media reach of 214 million.

Volleyball World has launched a global bidding process for cities interested in hosting the group stages and finals from 2025 to 2027. The VNL is undergoing changes that may affect its format, such as expanding the field from 16 to 18 teams and increasing the number of group venues from two to three per week. The aim is to increase the commercial and local impact for host cities, and to bring fans closer to the players.

Over the past five years, the competition has expanded to all continents. Many new cities have joined the competition. Better players have also joined. This has made the competition more attractive. As a result, the VNL will expand its reach worldwide to explore new markets.

The offer runs for two years, from 2025 to 2027. VNL
The offer runs for two years, from 2025 to 2027. VNL

After three weeks of group play, the VNL Finals will be the highlight of the season. In a new knockout format, the host team and the top 7 VNL teams per gender will compete. There will be eight matches.

Interested national associations, cities, governments and/or promoters are invited to submit their expressions of interest by 19 April 2024. Bids must be submitted by e-mail by 26 April 2024 and individual negotiations will take place until 10 May 2024. The selection of host cities for both the men's and women's groups is expected to be announced in August 2024.

Volleyball World is a new partnership between the FIVB and CVC Capital Partners. It aims to drive growth, innovation and investment in volleyball around the world. 

It is dedicated to connecting all volleyball stakeholders (fans, athletes, corporate partners) through digital and live events. Volleyball World is responsible for the commercial operation of major international volleyball and beach volleyball events, including the World Championships.

Volleyball Nations League, Olympic Qualifiers and the Beach Pro Tour. It now aims to use its infrastructure to enhance the VNL, which will launch in 2018 and bring together the world's best teams.