Successful launch of Pan American Taekwondo Union courses. PATU

In an atmosphere of enthusiasm and commitment, the Pan American Taekwondo Union (PATU) launched three courses that promise to raise the standard of the discipline in the region. The first day of activities was marked by excellence and guidance from renowned masters and experts in various fields.

Led by Grand Master Raymond Hsu, the Poomsae course provided an in-depth analysis of the rules in both recognised and freestyle modalities. Participants delved into key aspects of Poomsae, refining movements and receiving valuable feedback. 

The fusion of theory and practice aims to enhance technical proficiency, reinforcing the Pan American Taekwondo Union's commitment to the holistic development of participants. 

At the same time, the Kyorugi Coaches Course, led by Enmanuel Mateo and Carla Bacco, focused on dissecting the technical-tactical aspects of Kyorugi. Advanced strategies and detailed analysis of key movements marked an enriching day. The Pan American Taekwondo Union reinforces its commitment to developing trained coaches to guide new generations to success in competition. 

On the third front, the referee course addressed the critical elements of impartiality and fairness in the sport. Participants looked at the desired profile for referees, ewith an emphasis on ethics. 

The "Best of 3" combat format was examined in detail, providing referees with the necessary tools. Prohibited actions were reviewed, emphasising the importance of maintaining safety and respect in any competition. 

Taken together, these inaugural courses of the Pan American Taekwondo Union promise to raise the standards of the discipline in the region by training athletes, coaches and referees to meet the challenges of modern taekwondo. The commitment to excellence and comprehensive training marks a milestone in the development of this millennia-old discipline on the continent.