Israel won its first all-around group gold medal in Valencia ©Getty Images

Israel won its first all-around group gold medal at the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) Rhythmic Gymnastics World Championships in Valencia today.

Shani Bakanov, Eliza Banchuk, Adar Friedmann, Romi Paritzki, Ofir Shaham, and Diana Svertsov scored 70.800 overall to claim the title.

Their best performance of the day came in the five hoops, where they got 38.150.

It was not an ideal start in the three ribbons and two balls, where they bagged 32.650.

But they managed to put on a show in the five hoops to seal the deal.

"After the first routine, we felt all right," Paritzki said.

"We needed to give our best right now because it was our time. We gave all our energy.

"We were really focused on our goal, and we knew that we wanted to win.

"This is really really special for us.

"We worked really hard to achieve these goals and we’re so excited to get this medal today."

Ding Xinyi, Guo Qiqi, Hao Ting, Huang Zhangjiayang, Pu Yanzhu, and Wang Lanjing won silver for China, with a score of 70.050.

It was only their second all-around podium finish at the World Championships after a tie with Spain for bronze in 1987.

Bronze went to the Spanish team of Ana Arnau Camarena, Ines Bergua Navales, Mireia Martinez, Patricia Perez Fos, and Salma Solaun.

An effort of 68.600 helped the hosts clinch the final podium spot.

"We have no words because it was amazing," Bergua said.

"It was spectacular, all the crowd shouting.

"We wanted to do the best we could, and we can do it even better, but we are really happy that we showed everyone what we were capable of and super happy for this medal."