Enhanced security measures have been put in place to avoid disruption at the Closing Ceremony ©Taipei 2017

Details have been revealed by the Taipei City Police Department of their plans to ensure protests will not affect the Summer Universiade Closing Ceremony, as they briefly disrupted the Opening here. 

The Department have expanded the jurisdiction area for the event, after protestors were found to have been too close during the Opening Ceremony on August 19. 

Disturbances outside the Taipei Stadium saw 128 protest groups surround the arena to show their disapproval over pension reforms, blocking athletes from entering.

In the absence of the teams, volunteers instead paraded the national flags with nobody alongside them.

Eventually, though, local authorities dealt with the situation allowing all athletes to enter the stadium.

It was later revealed protesters threw smoke grenades, while organisers acknowledged fencing needed to be improved.

Taipei Police Department Deputy Commissioner Lin Shun-chia has said that seven jurisdictions at the venue will be manned by a total force of 6,000 police officers.

Currently they have provided security at 319 competitions, ensuring the safety of around 29,411 people, it has been claimed.

The Parade of Nations was delayed during the Opening Ceremony due to protests ©Taipei 2017
The Parade of Nations was delayed during the Opening Ceremony due to protests ©Taipei 2017

For the safety of the athletes and their delegations, three security perimeters will be installed at athlete pickup and drop-off points and the roads leading to Taipei Stadium.

These areas will be controlled with temporary fences measuring one and a half metres in height, with three metre long barbed wire fences and crowd control barriers.

The police have warned barricades will be used if needed.

Two designated "opinion expression areas" will be available to those who want to protest during the event, it has been claimed.

Police have admitted that they are already aware of activist groups that might want to protest during tomorrow’s Ceremony.

These groups will now be directed toward the two new areas.

If the groups become "irrational" the police would strictly enforce the law, Lin has claimed.

Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je had pledged to have no leniency should protestors effect the rest of the Summer Universiade.

Tomorrow's Ceremony will conclude with an array of fireworks ©Taipei 2017
Tomorrow's Ceremony will conclude with an array of fireworks ©Taipei 2017

The Ceremony has been given the theme "Taipei Loves You" with live performances set to come from musicians Lala Hsu, Aboriginal singer-songwriters Samingad and Jia Jia, and the punk band Fire EX.

It is claimed that the show will integrate themes from Taiwan’s multicultural community so that athletes from around the world are moved by the enthusiasm of this land.

It is hoped the performance will channel the vitality of Taipei and makes a lasting impression on the athletes.

The lineup also includes winners of the Golden Melody Awards, the Golden Indie Music Awards and Ho-hai-yan Rock Festival, organisers revealed, with the story of Taiwan due to be expressed through song.

A circus troupe and large robots will feature, prior to the Torch being passed to Naples, hosts of the 2019 Summer Universiade.

The Ceremony will end with an array of fireworks.