An arrest has been made in connection with the protests at the Taipei 2017 Opening Ceremony ©Taipei 2017

Police have reportedly made an arrest in connection with the protests that marred the Opening Ceremony of the 2017 Summer Universiade here.

Law enforcement in Kaohsiung City, a municipality of Taiwan, have detained a man who they claim was involved in the throwing of smoke grenades during the disturbances outside the Taipei Municipal Stadium last Saturday (August 19). 

According to Taiwan News, police detained a "retired military officer" yesterday after identifying him via CCTV footage.

Police in Kaohsiung are reportedly planning to transfer the suspect to the Taipei District Prosecutors Office, which is leading the investigation into the protests.

Disturbances outside the Stadium saw 128 protest groups surround the arena to show heir disapproval over pension reforms, blocking athletes from entering.

In the absence of the teams, volunteers instead paraded the national flags with nobody alongside them.

Eventually though, and to the delight of the crowd, local authorities dealt with the situation allowing all athletes to enter the Stadium to a wall of noise.

Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je pledged to have no leniency should protestors effect the rest of the Summer Universiade earlier this week.

"Here, we would like to express our strongest condemnation of those protesting groups," Ko, who is also chairman of the Taipei 2017 Organising Committee, said.

"During the duration of the Universiade, if anyone intends to influence the proceedings of the Games or even threatens the safety of the athletes, the police will enforce the law strictly.

"We will not have any leniency, we will ensure such events do not happen again during the Universiade."

Protests outside of the Taipei Stadium affected the Parade of Nations as athletes could not enter ©Getty Images
Protests outside of the Taipei Stadium affected the Parade of Nations as athletes could not enter ©Getty Images

Taiwan News have also reported that a man was arrested by police here on Tuesday (August 22) evening after he attempted to enter a women's football match between Great Britain and Russia with four throwing knives and an axe.

The report claims the 22-year-old male was halted at the Hsinchu County Second Stadium's security checkpoint after suspicious metal objects appeared in the X-ray scanner of his bag.

When security staff emptied the contents, they found it contained the banned weapons.

It is claimed the man was not aware that the items were strictly prohibited but police arrested him regardless on suspicion of violating the country's Controlling Guns, Ammunition and Knives Act.

"The Universiade is a peaceful celebration of sport, culture and education," said a spokesman for the International University Sports Federation (FISU).

"The guidelines on what items are prohibited from the venues were developed accordingly.

"FISU is grateful to the Taipei authorities for their continued vigilance."

Today marks the fifth day of sporting action at Taipei 2017, which you can follow with our Live Blog here.