Australia 80 59 59
England 45 45 46
India 26 20 20
Canada 15 40 27
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15 Apr 2018 07:04
New Zealand
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Gold Coast 2018

Pearson and Stosur achievements give Gold Coast chance to promote 2018 Commonwealth Games bid

By Duncan Mackay

Sally_Pearson_and_Sam_Stosur_receive_keys_to_the_Gold_Coast_September_19_2011September 19 - The Gold Coast has taken the opportunity to showcase its sporting pedigree and promote its bid to host the 2018 Commonwealth Games by awarding the keys of the city to Sally Pearson, the newly-crowned world 100 metres hurdles gold medallist, and Sam Stosur, who won the US Open, the first Australian female tennis player to win a Grand Slam title for 31 years.

Hambantota at centre of latest WikiLeaks claims

By Duncan Mackay

Hambantota_portAugust 28 - Hambantota, which is bidding for the 2018 Commonwealth Games, has found itself at the centre of the latest WikiLeaks controversy after it was revealed that the United States Government believed that the Chinese were bribing Sri Lankan officials to win contracts linked to the redevelopment of the city.