Ukraine dominates at the U18S GAMMA European Championships. GAMMA

The U18 finals and medal ceremonies have now been completed at the 2024 GAMMA European Championships in Slovakia, with the senior competition from 17-19 May.

Hosted by the Slovak MMA Association (SOMMA) at the Bellevue Hotel in Vysoké Tatry, the continental nations MMA tournament is organised by the Global Association of Mixed Martial Arts (GAMMA) under the chairmanship of Alexander Engelhardt. The morning began with U12s/U14s bouts on the tatami followed by an awards ceremony. The U16s/U18s bouts followed in the afternoon in the MMA arena, also ending with medal ceremonies.

Ukraine topped the medal table with 28 gold, 23 silver and five bronze. The Czech Republic came second with four gold, five silver and 11 bronze medals and Slovakia third with two gold, two silver and seven bronze medals. Ireland (three silver and eight bronze), Latvia (two silver) and Greece (three bronze) also won medals. 

For more information on Wednesday's action, view/download the final results, the U18s/ U16s medals table and also the U14s categories medallists.

Meanwhile, GAMMA World bronze medallist Gabriela Majercakova scored a 49-second first-round submission win over Czech Daniela Hubalova in the U18 European MMA Championships. The 16-year-old Slovakian from Poprad, Vysoké Tatry, took silver after losing to Jana Lamačová in the final.

"I got into MMA because I really loved the sport. I'm in my first year of high school and I have an individual arrangement with the school, which means I can only go in for exams, so I have more time to train. I discuss my schedule with my family, who are close to me, so it's great," she told GAMMA shortly before the final. 

16-year-old Gabriela Majercakova won a silver medal for hosts Slovakia. GAMMA
16-year-old Gabriela Majercakova won a silver medal for hosts Slovakia. GAMMA

"Winning another medal would mean a lot to me and my country, that at such a young age I can do something as big as achieve great results at the championships and add another medal to my collection," added Majercakova, who loves books and is also a great swimmer. 

Senior teams are already registering and undergoing medical and weight checks for the Adult MMA and Striking MMA tournaments. The senior competitions will be run under amateur MMA rules to suit the tournament format and are open to professional fighters.