The newly formed Student Committee met online for the first time on 17 April. With a new mandate ahead of them, Chair Agnes Ankic-Valkai wasted no time in setting out the goals for three years full of promise and purpose.

The Committee is a great mix of diversity, representing a variety of cultures and countries, such as Argentina, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Lebanon, Nigeria, Slovakia and Uganda. The members' journeys, marked by remarkable achievements, draw a picture of commitment and passion for change. 

Among them, Lara Chehayeb from Lebanon, a Chengdu 2021 International Universitiy Sport Federation (FISU) Games participant and current FISU Student Ambassador, shares her personal experience of the thrill of competition, the importance of athlete support, and much more. 

"I am honoured to be part of the Student Committee as I am thankful for my role as a FISU Student Ambassador for Lebanon. This has allowed me to broaden my opportunities and work towards building a community of healthy people involved in sport, mainly university sport. As a student athlete, my goals and visions are in line with those of FISU and I wish to aid in creating a platform and space where university sport is elevated," said Chehayeb.

 Several members have previously served as FISU Student Ambassadors, incarnating the spirit of global university sport engagement and cultural exchange. Svea Thamsen from Germany is actively preparing to host the Rhine-Ruhr 2025 FISU Games and can share her enthusiasm and insider knowledge with her fellow new colleagues. 

FISU President Leonz Eder welcomed the participants. FISU
FISU President Leonz Eder welcomed the participants. FISU

Each member brings a unique blend of sporting, academic and volunteer experience to the Committee. Motivated and driven, all the members have committed to focus on three pillars: Student Governance, FISU Student Ambassadors, and enhancing the student athlete experience at FISU events. 

Their motivation to make a tangible difference was palpable throughout the virtual meeting, setting the stage for a journey of innovation, collaboration and impactful projects. As the young and dynamic members dive into this journey, there is much excitement for the fruitful teamwork and game-changing ideas that await them in the coming years. Michal Cmelik, from Slovakia, is ready to work hard to achieve the goals set at this meeting. 

"Now, as a newly appointed member of the FISU Student Committee, I would like to use the knowledge I have gained within the FISU Volunteer Leaders Academy and to represent the values of this programme, but also, to be an advocate for university athletes. We have a challenging work ahead of us, especially in terms of making university sport more attractive to students, but the general goal is also to make their voices visible in FISU," said Cmelik. 

Leonz Eder, FISU President, highlighted the importance of team spirit among the Student Committee members. Chair Agnes Ankic-Valkai said: "We will need all of you, because you are all different people with different backgrounds, coming from different cultures, with diverse skills and talents. Together we can do exceptional things, we have the means, we have the authority and FISU and all the student society all around the World count on our work."