The American Boxing Confederation reaffirms its support for the IBA. IBA

The American Boxing Confederation has reiterated its support for the International Boxing Association at its Board of Directors meeting. The organisation has drafted a letter signed by its leaders. The letter has been sent to the presidents of the National Federations of the Americas.

The American Boxing Confederation (AMBC) continues to support the International Boxing Association (IBA). Following the recent meeting of the AMBC Board of Directors of the American Boxing Confederation, this support was reaffirmed. A significant part of the support that the AMBC wishes to convey to the IBA was reflected in the joint signing of a letter that was drafted and sent to the Presidents of the National Federations throughout the Americas. 

The letter, signed by the AMBC Board of Directors, emphasised the cohesion and solidarity between the national federations under the umbrella of the AMBC and the IBA. It also highlighted the role of sport in promoting development. This union aims to maintain and uphold the values of transparency and excellence.

At a crucial time for the future of boxing, the AMBC has maintained its support for the IBA and its president, Umar Kremlev. This support is a testament to the commitment of the American boxing federations to the stability and unity of the sport on the continent.

What the AMBC wants to see is the development of the necessary structures to ensure that boxing in the Americas thrives and becomes increasingly competitive. The growth of the sport is driven by the development of boxers and trainers.

At the AMBC board meeting, the support was led by some prominent leaders: AMBC president José Laureano, vice presidents David Batz and Oscar Contreras, and Lourdes Avendaño, who sits on the IBA Board. The AMBC wanted to highlight the "fluid and collaborative communication" between the national federations as a strategic factor that will contribute to development. 

The IBA appreciates the support of the American Boxing Confederation. GETTY IMAGES
The IBA appreciates the support of the American Boxing Confederation. GETTY IMAGES

This is a crucial moment for boxing. The uncertainty that still surrounds the Olympic Movement and the question of whether or not boxing will be excluded from the programme of the Games must be clarified.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has set the beginning of the year 2025 as the deadline for a recognised body to take over the reins of world boxing. The IBA said at the time that it would "use all legal means to defend its interests" and it also appreciates the support it has received at such a crucial moment for the future. Support is essential.

Chris Roberts OBE, Secretary General and CEO of the IBA, said: "I am deeply grateful for the strong support of the AMBC and the unified stance of the boxing federations across the Americas. This solidarity is essential. Our combined efforts are critical to the advancement of our sport on all fronts. Together, we are committed to maintaining of the highest standards and a prosperous future for boxing in the Americas and around the world."

"As President of the AMBC, I stand firmly with the IBA as our commitment to the sport and its athletes remains unwavering. We will continue to work closely with all of our member federations and our sports ministries to see how boxing can be strengthened through unity and integrity," stressed José Laureano. 

"The success of the first IBA Champions' Night on the continent, held in Mexico, is a great testament to the progress that has been made. Together we are committed to fostering an environment where transparency and excellence are at the forefront of everything we do," concluded the AMBC president.