Beach SAMBO tournament was held in the Dominican Republic. FIAS

A beach in the province of San Cristobal was the venue for a Beach SAMBO tournament in the Dominican Republic. 10 teams took part in the team competition, representing different regions of the country.

"SAMBO fights on the beach are attracting more and more people who are interested in what is going on and are discovering a new sport," said the president of the Dominican Sambo Federation, Eliseo Romero. "This was the case this time at the Coconut Paradise complex, where our tournament was held. Thanks to the large number of participants and guests, the event received widespread media coverage, which will undoubtedly benefit our sport," he continued.

Team from the province of Azua won the team competition. FIAS
Team from the province of Azua won the team competition. FIAS

The winner of the team tournament was the team from the province of Azua. The sambists did not stop there, as they also held an open tournament to determine the overall winner of the competition. It was Yancarlos Amador from the province of San Cristobal, who showed a high level of preparation and good technique.

"The past competitions have become an important stage in the preparation of Dominican athletes for international tournaments. We were able to check the current level of preparation of the sambists and gave them with the opportunity to feel the competitive spirit," Eliseo Romero pointed out. 

"On a personal note, I would like to add that such events are aimed not only at promoting SAMBO training in the Dominican Republic, but also at promoting the values of camaraderie, discipline and self-improvement that characterise it," he concluded.