European Universities Games 2028: Granada concludes EUSA technical visits. EUSA

The last of the three visits by the EUSA Technical Commission took place from 11 to 13 March in Granada, Spain, which is one of the three candidate cities for the European Universities Games 2028, along with Split and Manisa.

The Commission, made up of EUSA Sports Manager Miha Zvan and EUSA Sports Officer Eszter Gulyas, was welcomed by Jordi Mercadé, Director of Sports at the University of Granada, and other members of the Bidding Commission to visit the potential host of the 2028 European Universities Games (EUG), along with Split (Croatia) and Manisa (Turkey).

The visit began with a tour of the Fuentenueva Campus, an important sports centre. This was followed by a meeting at the Espacio V Centenario with city councillors, university directors and committee members. The tour included the "Ciudad Deportiva de Armilla," the water sports facilities "Campus Nautico," the "Estadio de la Juventud" Sports Hall, the "Paquillo Fernández" Sports Hall and the university residence "Emperador Carlos V". 

The days ended with a visit to the vibrant University Campus of Cartuja, known for its rich history and impressive sports pavilion, completing the experience.

EUSA members visiting the facilities in Granada. EUSA
EUSA members visiting the facilities in Granada. EUSA

The Spanish city will host the World Padel Tour Open 1000 from 10-16 April and has recently hosted major national events such as the ACB National Basketball Cup and the final of the Women's National Football Cup. 

This was the last of three visits by the EUSA Technical Commission, which will be followed by the EUSA Evaluation Commission later this month. From 3 to 5 March, EUSA went to Split, and from 6-8 they were also in Manisa. 

For the first time, EUSA received three candidate cities: Split, Manisa and Granada. The official awarding of the next European Universities Games will take place in April 2024 in Aveiro, Portugal, where the EUSA Executive Committee will also meet.