Bahrain and France unite for Pre-Olympic relay, highlighting bilateral ties. BAHRAIN OLYMPIC COMMITTEE

The Bahrain Olympic Committee, with the support of Dallah Company and in partnership with the French Embassy in Bahrain, successfully organised a global relay race.

The Bahrain Olympic Committee hosted a global relay race, staged at Doha Arad Park, which was graced by the presence of the French Ambassador, His Excellency Mr. Eric Giraud, the Secretary General of the Bahrain Olympic Committee, His Excellency Mr. Fares Mustafa Al-Kooheji, along with staff from the embassy, the Olympic Committee, and the Bahrain Runners Committee. 

The event began with the Bahraini Royal Anthem, followed by a welcome address from Ambassador Giraud, who stressed the imminent start of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games and invited athletes from around the world to come to France. 

He also praised the enduring Bahraini-French relationship, recognising the event as a reflection of the strong ties between the two nations, and expressing his best wishes to Bahrain for the upcoming Paris Olympic Games, which will be held from 24 July to 11 August, and highlighting the ongoing sporting cooperation between Bahrain and France.

Karate demonstration at the event. INSTAGRAM / BAHRAIN OLYMPIC COMMITTEE
Karate demonstration at the event. INSTAGRAM / BAHRAIN OLYMPIC COMMITTEE

His Excellency Mr Fares Mustafa Al-Kooheji then took the floor to welcome the guests and thank the French Embassy for its cooperation in hosting the event. He expressed his confidence in France's ability to organise an exceptional Olympic Games. 

The ceremony included an exchange of mementos between the French Ambassador and the Secretary General, followed by sports demonstrations in taekwondo, karate, weightlifting, wrestling, fencing, and judo. 

The highlight of the day was the 3.3km relay race organised by the Bahrain Runners Committee. The French Ambassador and the Secretary General led the pack, completing the race despite challenging weather conditions and embodying the spirit of resilience and cooperation that characterises the Olympic Movement.