The upcoming FISU World Forum with the theme "University sport: creating a better world" will take place from 27 to 31 August in Zagreb, Croatia. The President of the Organising Committee Marko Zunic, explains the benefits of registering.

Since 1992, the biennial FISU World Forum has served as a platform for students, officials and key stakeholders in the University Sport Movement alongside the FISU Member Association to discuss and promote the values of FISU, as well as to engage directly with the National University Sport Federations (NUSF). FISU Executive Committee member and President of the Organising Committee Marko Zunic said: "I am 39 years old and I have been involved in this field for 21 of those years and of course it has shaped my life. University sport may not be at the forefront of all international sporting events, but I firmly believe that it is shaping the future". 

FISU World Forums combine educational sessions with cultural, networking, and sporting events, serving as effective communication hubs for diverse university sport communities.

"It will be the perfect opportunity for students to connect. I have been attending FISU Forums for over 10 years now and I believe it is a fantastic tool for FISU and students to engage more deeply than just through sport," stated Zunic. At the 2024 FISU World Forum, under the theme "Creating a better world," the discussions, lectures, and working groups will focus on the sub-themes of diversity and inclusion, as well as sport diplomacy and global relations. 

"It is up to us and the future generations to get involved in making things better, to exchange ideas and viewpoints, to discuss together in a safe space like the Forum where we all have a common goal. Sport brings cultures together, it brings people together," Zunic continued.

Participants of a workshop at the FISU World Forum. FISU
Participants of a workshop at the FISU World Forum. FISU

The legacy that FISU Zagreb 2024 wants to leave behind is the union of people who bring ideas and work together to do things in the best possible way. All of this has to do with university sport. "We would like to have laid the foundations of a platform where people can take some of the ideas they have shared and consolidate the connections they have made." 

"The interest is there: almost 180 people from 39 countries have already registered, which is great. But we would like to reach almost 300 people from about 60 countries who will attend the Forum between 27 and 31 August 2024," concluded Marko Zunic.