Canadian Archery Foundation launches auction to support athletes. FCA

To support amateur archers on their way to elite status, the Canadian Archery Foundation announces its first online auction. The goal is to ensure that non-Olympic athletes have the resources to compete at the highest level.

From February 15 to March 15, the Canadian Archery Foundation is launching its first online auction. The auction is an initiative to support amateur athletes on their way to international competition. The Foundation's goal is to promote growth and excellence in the sport of archery, and this project aims to support and help athletes grow and compete on a global stage.

As the Foundation recognises, it's essential to the development of athletes to expose amateur athletes to high level competition to improve their skills and mental mastery. The Canadian Archery Foundation's mission is to support non-Olympic athletes who have a desire to represent Canada at the highest level of competition. Proceeds from the online auction will go directly towards funding the 2024 teams that will proudly represent Canada on the world stage. It will also ensure that athletes have the resources they need to succeed.

The Canadian Archery Foundation supports non-Olympic athletes. GETTY IMAGES
The Canadian Archery Foundation supports non-Olympic athletes. GETTY IMAGES

It's important that we provide young talent with the tools and platforms they need to compete on a level playing field with their peers. Initiatives like this help to pave the way. The online auction will feature a variety of items, including exclusive travel packages and experiences provided in partnership with Winspire and several Canadian companies and suppliers, including Air Yukon, Paluski Boats, Vortex Canada, Cass's Creek Trading Post, Kill'n Stix and Saskatchewan Rush...

"We encourage everyone, from fellow athletes to past supporters, volunteers, provincial sport organisations and clubs, to support our archery athletes," said Al Wills, Chair of the Canadian Archery Foundation. "Your participation and financial support is essential to building the reputation of archery in Canada and ensuring our athletes have the support they need to pursue their dreams," he added. 

Members and the general public are encouraged to get involved with the Canadian Archery Foundation. This can be done by bidding on items, promoting the auction on social platforms, or spreading the word to friends and family.