France's Samir Bellahcene lifts the winners' trophy at the EHF Euro 2024. GETTY IMAGES

The French Handball Federation (FFHB) has submitted a bid to co-host the 2029 or 2031 World Championships alongside Germany, the FFHB has announced.

"On the occasion of the allocation of the IHF Men's World Championships in 2029 and 2031, France and Germany are joining forces in a joint bid. These two nations, both of which have already hosted major competitions, want to combine their strengths to offer a unique event. By co-hosting a Men's World Championship, both countries will ensure that the spectators who come to celebrate international handball will experience a true spectacle," the FFHB stated in a press release.

"Recently, the Men's Euro 2024 held in Germany surpassed one million spectators in the arenas - and France became European handball champions for the fourth time," jointly declared Philippe Bana, president of the FFH, and Andreas Michelmall, his German counterpart. "We have shown that we are capable of providing remarkable and professional infrastructures, both in terms of sport and organisation, while at the same time creating a unique atmosphere thanks to the numerous enthusiastic handball fans!," he added.

France has previously organised the tournament three times, in 1970, 2001, and 2017. Germany, the host of the last Euro won by the French team last month, co-hosted the 2019 edition with Denmark. The International Handball Federation is expected to announce its decision on 16 April.