World Taekwondo organized 2024 Joint Training Camp in Solomon Islands © World Taekwondo

A 2024 Joint Training Camp organized by World Taekwondo and operated in cooperation with the IOC Olympic Solidarity Program took place in Honiara, the Solomon Islands, from 22 January to 3 February.

The camp bought together five South Pacific nations: Fiji, Kiribati, Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands and Tonga. This collaborative project aims to support the training of athletes preparing for the prestigious Oceania Taekwondo Qualification Tournament for the Olympic Games Paris 2024. Along with athletes, 5 coaches, 4 administrators and 4 PSS operators joined to learn know-hows and techniques to assist these smaller nations in having a better understanding of training, technique and strategy at the high-performance level. It took place at Honiara’s Aquatic Center – the venue for Taekwondo competition venue during the Solomon Islands 2023 Pacific Games. 

Its organization benefitted from the cooperation of each of the respective National Olympic Committees and the five participating Member National Associations of the World Taekwondo. At the Aquatic Center, 24 athletes were put through their paces by two esteemed coaches Professor, Jung-woo Jeon and Dong-wan Lee.  

The world-class coaching and rich training environment gave the players the chance to fine-tune skills and gain valuable experiences. Training covered physical exercise, technical and strategic training, and individual training. 

Joint Training Camp organized by World Taekwondo in Solomon Islands © World Taekwondo
Joint Training Camp organized by World Taekwondo in Solomon Islands © World Taekwondo

The coaches were taught advanced training methods, and were trained in how to use their precious IVR cards to maximum effect. PSS operators were trained to sustainably manage Taekwondo competitions in their respective. countries  By joining forces, the five participating nations demonstrated a collective effort to enhance the region's chances of Olympic success.  As such, the camp represented an important step towards nurturing and cultivating Taekwondo talent in the Oceania region. 

It is hoped that the lessons learned and skills acquired will contribute to advancements in Taekwondo across Oceania, ultimately raising the overall standards of the sport. The focus is not simply on Paris 2024, but on a more distant horizon: The region is beginning long-term preparations to host Brisbane 2032.   “We are delighted that the joint Training Camp was held in Solomon Islands with the support of the IOC,” said WT President Chungwon Choue. “This is a perfect example of legacy. We hope this camp will enhance visibility of Taekwondo and nurture young athletes’ participation in the upcoming Olympic Games in the lead up to the Brisbane 2032.”