Stockholm becomes latest European city willing to host 2030 Winter Olympics ©Stockholm Åre 2026

The city of Stockholm said on Tuesday that it supported Sweden's bid to host the 2030 Winter Olympics, with the capital and its surrounding areas tipped to host some of the main events.

"The city council is favourable to the initiative to organise the Olympic Games and Paralympics in 2030," the city said in a statement. Stockholm hosted the Summer Games in 1912, but has never hosted a Winter Olympics despite numerous attempts over the years.

The Swedish government announced earlier this month that it backed the Swedish Olympic Committee's bid and said it was ready to begin the process of looking into state guarantees.

Under the bid proposal, events would be held in Stockholm as well as several other smaller Swedish towns including Falun, Are and Ostersund.

"By giving our municipal guarantee, our message is that this event can be carried out in a manner that is sustainable for the climate, economy and social aspects," mayor Karin Wanngard said in the statement.

Sweden's Olympic Committee (SOK) hailed the support. "The sporting community stands united behind the bid. As we plan to use existing arenas and organiser experience, the conditions are better than ever before," the interim head of the Swedish Sports Confederation, Anna Iwarsson, said in a SOK statement.

An International Olympic Committee panel is taking online presentations from would-be hosts to prepare for decisions scheduled for next week. The IOC executive board aims to pick preferred candidates for staging the Winter Games in 2030 and 2034 when it meets in Paris over three days through Dec. 1.

“All national Olympic committees with a current interest in hosting the Olympic Winter Games have been offered the opportunity for their project leaders to give a virtual update,” the IOC said Tuesday.

While Salt Lake City is widely favored for 2034 — 32 years after hosting the 2002 Olympics — the options for 2030 are Sweden, France and Switzerland. The Swiss bid needs to win a vote Friday of national sports bodies to advance.

Preferred candidates can then enter exclusive negotiations, known in Olympic jargon as “targeted dialogue.”

The Swedish plan would use existing venues across the country, including at ski resort Are hundreds of kilometers (miles) from Stockholm, and a sliding sports track across the Baltic Sea in Latvia.

The Swiss bid would be a national project and the French proposal would use ski sites across the Alps and ice rinks in the coastal city Nice on the French Riviera.