DOSB and DSJ call for reporting of anti-semitic incidents in sports

The DOSB (German Olympic Sports Confederation) and the German Sport Youth (Deutsche Sportjugend) are introducing a reporting button for anti-Semitic incidents in sport on their websites (; They are currently in talks with MAKKABI Germany about this initiative.

The move comes in light of the Memorial Day on 9 November, which commemorates the November pogroms of 1938, recent violent attacks by Hamas against Israel, and the increasing presence of anti-Semitism in Germany. The report button allows individuals to easily, safely and anonymously report anti-Semitic incidents in sport .

The reports will be received and processed by the Federal Association of Research and Information Centre on Anti-Semitism (RIAS). Victims can, if they wish, receive support in dealing with anti-Semitic incidents in organised sport. The aim is to promote an environment in which everyone feels safe and accepted.

The DOSB and the dsj call on all sports club members in Germany, especially in these challenging times, to stand firmly against any form of anti-Semitism in our society, on our sports fields, in our sports halls, and in our clubhouses. 

Thomas Weikert is the President of the DOSB. © Getty Images
Thomas Weikert is the President of the DOSB. © Getty Images

Anti-Semitism is unacceptable in Germany and around the world. Every case that is reported helps to identify and combat the problem in order to create a safe environment for Jewish athletes.

The report button for anti-Semitism in sport is an initiative of the Federal Association of Research and Information Centres on Anti-Semitism and the education and prevention project 'Zusammen1 - Für das, was uns verbindet' (Together1 - For what unites us) of the DOSB member organisation MAKKABI Germany.

On 4 November, the DOSB Executive Board and MAKKABI Germany issued a joint statement on November 4, expressing solidarity with the Israeli people and, in particular, with Jewish athletes in Germany.

On 21 October, the Executive Board of the DJS's published a clear statement of solidarity with Israel within the framework of the DSJ Main Committee.