The Russian Football Union has made positive noises about Europe and Asia ©Getty Images

The Russian Football Union (RFU) has sent mixed signals about what continent it wants to be a member of after discussing pledging commitment to both Europe and Asia.

Russia was suspended by European body UEFA in February 2022 because of the invasion of Ukraine, with all of its international and club teams currently banned from competition.

This has led some to call for a switch to the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) with RFU President Alexander Dyukov telling Russia's official state news agency TASS that this option will be considered during meetings in November and December.

However, RFU general secretary Maxim Mitrofanov told TASS that Russia would be interested in hosting the 2034 or 2040 UEFA European Championship.

"There is still such a possibility," Dyukov, who attended the AFC Congress as a guest in February, said on the Asia link. 

"Consultations will be held in the near future. 

"Perhaps this issue will be considered at the Executive Committee."

Russia, the hosts of the FIFA World Cup in 2018, wanted to stage the 2028 European Championship but its ban made this impossible and the tournament was awarded to a combined UK and Ireland bid.

Euro 2032 has been awarded to Italy and Turkey.

"I think you will all agree that organisationally Russia is definitely ready to host the Euro much better than many other countries," Mitrofanov said. 

"We know how to hold major international football competitions. 

Alexander Dyukov said the issue of joining the Asian Football Confederation could be discussed in November and December ©RFU
Alexander Dyukov said the issue of joining the Asian Football Confederation could be discussed in November and December ©RFU

"Alexei Sorokin, the current advisor to the President of the Russian Football Union, has experience in organising competitions of any level of complexity. 

"Therefore, he was entrusted, in particular, with the holding of the Friendship Games. 

"Therefore, of course, if we have such an opportunity, we will be ready to fight for the 2036 and 2040 European Championships."

Most of Russia's territory is in Asia but it is normally affiliated with Europe in sport, where most of the people live.

Earlier this month, UEFA abandoned a plan to reinstate Russian under-17 teams to competition.

The UEFA Executive Committee had backed the move but later ruled that "no technical solution" could be found to allow the Russian teams to play.

A number of other countries had criticised the plan and said they would refuse to play against Russia.

Sweden, the host of the 2024 European Under-17 Women's Championships, said the country would not be allowed to play there.

The issue led to UEFA's first vice-president Karl-Erik Nilsson having to quit as chairman of the Swedish Sports Confederation due to criticism in his home country after he voted for the move.