Fans have been able to enjoy teqball at Santiago 2023 ©Santiago 2023

Teqball has been attracting new fans at the Santiago 2023 Pan American Games after a table was installed at the National Stadium Park.

Juan Astorga has been leading a project to promote the sport since the first weekend of the Games which opened last Friday (October 20).

He has also brought the sport to the Athletes' Village.

"The great thing is that it activates itself, we are here trying to do a couple of tricks with the ball, showing the teqball, but people get so excited that they arrive alone, that is the magic of this place," said Astorga.

"Some have been playing for 10 minutes and others for almost an hour.

The sport is being played at the National Stadium Park ©Santiago 2023
The sport is being played at the National Stadium Park ©Santiago 2023

"They are super motivated, to be honest, although they arrive with a slightly shy attitude. 

"We try to motivate them, so that they don't feel ashamed because in the end we all learn. 

"The idea of these stands is not competition, but that they play, have fun, fight with a sedentary lifestyle, so we can break the ice with children, mothers, fathers or grandparents."

Thirteen-year-old Nicolás was among those to play.

"It's super fun, it's very cool," he said.