The Victorian Liberal Party has called on Jacinta Allan to face an inquiry into the 2026 Commonwealth Games hosting withdrawal ©Getty Images

The Victorian Liberal Party has called on state Premier Jacinta Allan to face an inquiry into Victoria's withdrawal from staging the 2026 Commonwealth Games.

The group wants Allan, of the Australian Labor Party, to reveal all on her part in what led to the demise of Victoria 2026.

She was Deputy Premier at the time of the withdrawal but has refused to attend a Senate inquiry into the cancellation of Victoria's hosting of the Games, and previously described it as a "political stunt".

"Premier Jacinta Allan should appear at the Commonwealth Games inquiry and come clean about her role in the AUD600 million (£312 million/$379 million/€358 million) debacle," read a Victorian Liberal Party statement.

"It follows the passing of a motion by the Legislative Council today requesting the Premier appear before the select committee. 

"The Premier has repeatedly refused to give evidence and explain her role as Minister for Commonwealth Games Delivery in the humiliating debacle."

Leader of the opposition John Pesutto also weighed in, saying "Jacinta Allan's credibility is now on the line and she needs to do the right thing, front the inquiry and come clean with Victorians about what she knew and when she knew it."

The shock withdrawal of Victoria from the 2026 Commonwealth Games came in July as then Premier Daniel Andrews, who has since resigned, made the decision citing spiralling costs.

He was adamant the cost of the Games would have outweighed the benefits, and the Victorian Government agreed to pay AUD380 million (£200 million/$244 million/€229 million) to settle all related disputes.

The Senate Committee conducting the inquiry claimed Andrews warned witnesses not to disclose information the Victorian Government viewed as confidential, but Allan has denied this represented an attempt to silence officials.

"Victorians deserve answers as to how the Games bid went so wrong and the Premier must provide answers," said Victoria's Shadow Minister for Tourism, Sport and Events.