Baku is set to host the ISMF Plenary Assembly in 2024 ©Getty Images

Azerbaijan is set to host the International Ski Mountaineering Federation's (ISMF) Plenary Assembly next year in addition to a sporting competition.

The country's capital city of Baku was selected as the Assembly host at this year's meeting in Paris, while the 2025 edition was also attributed to Cancun in Mexico.

Azerbaijan Winter Sports Federation secretary general Gunel Badalova initially proposed to the Plenary Assembly that it should take place in her country.

Following a vote, the decision was made to hold the event in Baku in addition to an Azeri leg on the ISMF calendar outside of the city which is the lowest lying national capital in the world at 28 metres.

The National Federation was only established last year, and the double hosting deal is in line with its aim of development.

It is focusing on the development of Alpine skiing, ski mountaineering, figure skating, and snowboarding. 

The establishment of a national team in each is primary to its goals as well as "establishing a strong winter sports culture" and promoting them among children and young people.

The 2024 Plenary Assembly host city Baku was decided at this year's event in Paris ©ISMF
The 2024 Plenary Assembly host city Baku was decided at this year's event in Paris ©ISMF

Approximately 60 per cent of Azerbaijan's land area is made up of mountainous regions with three main ranges, in the form of the Greater Caucasus, Lesser Caucasus, and the Talysh Mountains.

This year's Plenary Assembly also saw the re-election of Swiss official Regula Meier as ISMF President.

There was also confirmation that Spaniard Jordi Canals and Pierre-François Dupont will continue their tenures as secretary general and vice-president of sport and events, respectively.

"Thank you very much for the trust, I can promise that I will continue to work for ISMF to elevate the profile of the International Federation, developing our sport on a sustainable and productive way," said Meier.

"I strongly believe that we need to continue investing on the new generations, the youth is the future!"

Armenia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Albania were approved as new full members of the ISMF in Paris. 

This takes the total number of members to 47 from four continents.