The Canadian Paralympic Committee has issued a 10-year strategic plan ©Getty Images

Inclusivity and excellence are the touchstones of a 10-year strategic plan unveiled by the Canadian Paralympic Committee (CPC).

"We embark on this journey with a clear and compelling roadmap," said Marc-André Fabien, CPC President.

"Our focus is twofold: championing the world of Paralympic sport and harnessing its transformative power to deepen community connections, celebrate diversity, and foster inclusivity throughout Canada."

"The strategy focuses on two key areas - providing Canadian athletes, coaches, and staff with the best preparation and optimal, healthy environments for Paralympic Games excellence, and showcasing the power of Paralympic sport to impact a more inclusive and accessible society."

Inclusivity and excellence feature in the Canadian Paralympic Committee's strategic plan ©Getty Images
Inclusivity and excellence feature in the Canadian Paralympic Committee's strategic plan ©Getty Images

Some of the key elements of the strategy involve drawing upon Canada's Paralympic heritage to guide progress on inclusivity, establishing "a robust ecosystem" of support for athletes and using sport to re-shape society’s perceptions about disability.

There is also emphasis on elevating the global Paralympic movement through upholding core values.

"Our strategy lays the groundwork for transformational changes and amplifies the profound impact of sport on society," said Karen O'Neill, the CPC chief executive.

"We have a very clear guidepost with the intersection of sport and societal changes for people with a disability.

"Through emphasising inclusion, resilience, and the undeniable spirit of competition, we're positioned to change the narrative and to be relentless, bold, vibrant, and unified in our mission to change the game."

In unveiling the plan, the CPC has "extended an invitation to stakeholders at all levels to engage actively, highlighting the principles of connection, collaboration, and belonging."

The complete report detailing the 10-year strategy can be found here.