The Central Bank of Solomon Islands is releasing the new banknote ©CBSI

A limited edition banknote will be released in the Solomon Islands to celebrate the country's hosting of this year's Pacific Games.

The Central Bank of Solomon Islands (CBSI) said the SBD10 (£1/$1.20/€1.10) note is planned to launch on October 27 and be widely circulated.

It will be printed by De La Rue, a banknote producer headquartered in Basingstoke in England.

The note is expected to become a collector's item and continues the CBSI's tradition of marking important occasions in the Solomon Islands' history.

"This practice reflects the Central Bank’s commitment and support for the Solomon Islands Government and its people, as well as its dedication to welcoming participating countries to Pacific Games 2023," the CBSI said.

"The commemorative banknote is not only a means of celebrating the event but also an ideal collector's item. 

"These banknotes come in limited editions and can be cherished and passed down through generations, making them valuable tokens of the nation's history.

"CBSI's initiative to release this commemorative banknote is aligned with its commitment to promoting national pride and preserving the unique cultural heritage of the Solomon Islands.

"The CBSI encourages all citizens to take good care of these commemorative banknotes, emphasising that they are silent ambassadors for their country. 

"Proper handling and care ensure that these banknotes can continue to be enjoyed for years to come.

"This commemorative banknote represents a special way for the Solomon Islands to celebrate a significant event and share its culture and history with both its citizens and visitors."

The Pacific Games are due to run between November 19 and December 2.