India is interested in staging the Olympic and Paralympic Games for the first time in 2036 ©Getty Images

President Thomas Bach admitted the International Olympic Committee (IOC) "must have confidence in the governance" of the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) if it bids for the 2036 Olympics and Paralympics, and claimed the country should not be tarnished by its chaotic and corrupt organisation of the 2010 Commonwealth Games.

The IOC Session is due to to start here in India's most populous city on Sunday (October 15) and set to provide an opportunity for India to outline its hopes and plans for the 2036 Olympics.

It would face stiff competition with at least 10 countries known to have expressed an interested in bidding for the event, although past history suggests most of these will not follow through on their initial interest. 

India's reputation as a host for major sporting events was dented by the 2010 Commonwealth Games in New Delhi, which were engulfed in corruption controversies, marred by slow preparations and resulted in lengthy legal cases.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently admitted the Commonwealth Games brought "disrepute" to the country.

Bach claimed Delhi 2010 brought no concerns for the IOC and would not hamper a bid from India for the Olympics.

"I don’t think the 2010 [Commonwealth Games] will still play a role," he said, as reported by the Indian Express.

"You cannot fault such a young nation responsible for events where a majority of the people were not even born yet.

"The India of today cannot be compared with the India of 2010."

Thomas Bach believes
Thomas Bach believes "the India of today cannot be compared with the India of 2010", when it hosted the Commonwealth Games in Delhi ©Getty Images

Issues at the IOA could form more of a stumbling block, however.

The IOA was threatened with suspension last year after delays to its elections which led to the Session in Mumbai being pushed back from May to October, before PT Usha was elected as President in December.

The IOC has since strengthened ties with India in the lead-up to the Session, with Bach recently claiming there is a "strong case" for it to host the 2036 Olympics and Paralympics.

Bach admitted progress had been made by the IOA, but progress needed to continue.

"But what will play a role is the situation of the IOA," he said.

"Because in the end, IOA is our agency in India.

"And when it comes to Olympic candidature, only the National Olympic Committee (NOC) can sign [the contract].

"Without the signature of the NOC there’s no valid candidature.

"This is why we must have confidence in the governance of IOA.

"We have seen some movement.

"We hope - and we will take the opportunity of our visit here to have more talks - that this progress continues.

"Then, we can have confidence in IOA."

PT Usha was elected as IOA President last year, and Thomas Bach has called for further
PT Usha was elected as IOA President last year, and Thomas Bach has called for further "progress" in its governance ©Getty Images

Bach added an Indian bid for the 2036 Olympics and Paralympics would be considered when it arises.

"We have so far noted that there’s a great interest and there are apparently serious considerations here within India," he said.

"We have to wait now how this will turn into a project and will be brought forward to us.

"Only then we can form an opinion."

Mumbai is set to become the second Indian city to host the IOC Session, following on from New Delhi in 1983.