The report predicts a further population growth of 350,000 people in the next decade in Brisbane ©Getty Images

A report by consulting firm RSM has called for population and development growth in Brisbane in the build-up to the 2032 Olympics and Paralympics to be controlled "to grow the benefits".

Brisbane’s Road to 2032: Growth Sustainability and the Games forecasts changes in the Australian city and opportunities created by Brisbane 2032.

It has noted a doubling in the city's population from 1.2 million to 2.5 million in the last 40 years, and predicts a further 350,000 people will add to that number in the next decade.

It additionally points out AUD$19 billion (£9.9 billion/$12.2 billion/€11.5 billion) in private development projects are underway, including an expansion of Brisbane Airport and pipeline works at the Port of Brisbane.

The report suggests leaders believe Brisbane 2032 can "fast-track further development and facilitate economic growth, as well as add social benefits".

However, it cautions that this needs to be managed to ensure the benefits are felt.

"With all this momentum, Brisbane needs a clear path to remain on track," the report said.

"Southeast Queensland has been attractive for its liveability, especially compared to the southern Australian capitals.

"The growth trajectory of population and development must be managed in order to grow the benefits, and not derail quality of life."

The RSM report notes leaders believe Brisbane 2032 can
The RSM report notes leaders believe Brisbane 2032 can "fast-track further development and facilitate economic growth" ©Getty Images

The report praises Brisbane for its "thriving and diverse economy" which has remained strong in recent years, with Queensland remaining attractive for foreign investors, while also maintaining the city's character and lifestyle.

It outlines Brisbane's hopes of becoming a "sporting capital" and plans to improve transport and connectivity, although it faces the challenge of rising costs and labour shortages.

Recommendations to maximise Brisbane's potential leading up to the 2032 Games cover maintaining infrastructure development to meet population growth, developing sectors such as clean energy and critical minerals, more affordable housing options, delivering on the promise of a "climate-positive" Olympics and Paralympics, and engaging in digital transformation.

Brisbane Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner claimed the report highlighted the city's potential, and promised AUD$3.8 billion (£2 billion/$2.4 billion/€2.3 billion) in investment over the next four years.

"This report shows the unlimited potential of Brisbane, something that long-time residents have known for many years and are thrilled to see recognised," he said.

"As the work continues to build a better Brisbane, it is fantastic to hear how people love our city as it is right now, and I am excited to see how residents and visitors receive the Brisbane of the future."

RSM managing partner for Brisbane Steve Healey added "we are on the cusp of another great leap forward for our city".

Brisbane is set to become the third Australian city to host the Olympic Games in 2032 after Melbourne and Sydney.