Rahmat Erwin celebrates after a second world record in the space of a month ©Getty Images

Rahmat Erwin was a picture of calm on his way to Asian Games weightlifting gold here in Hangzhou and a second world record within a month.

Then the Indonesian burst into life when he came off the platform to celebrate wildly with his father Erwin Abdullah, who is also his coach after his victory in the 73 kilograms category.

"I always empty my mind every time I lift," said Erwin, whose past 10 competitions have yielded an Olympic bronze medal, two world titles, Asian Games gold and world records at two different weights.

"The key to winning is to stay calm, not waste any energy."

The celebration was heartfelt. His father won silver at the 2002 Asian Games in Busan, Korea and his mother was also a champion weightlifter.

"I wanted to celebrate at the Asian Games like he did in Korea in 2002 and I want to do it with him again," said Abdullah. "I owe my parents so much. My father starting teaching me (about technique) when I was four."

Abdullah’s final lift of 201 kilograms bettered his own clean and jerk world record at 73kg, four weeks after he broke the 81kg clean and jerk record at the World Championships at Riyadh in Saudi Arabia.

"My preparation was quite hard, as you can imagine," he said.

Oh Kumthaek earned a bronze medal on what was his international debut ©Getty Images
Oh Kumthaek earned a bronze medal on what was his international debut ©Getty Images

Erwin weighed in light in Saudi Arabia but still had to lose 4kg while training for Hangzhou.

"I’m looking forward to eating again," he said. "I will go to the dining hall and celebrate."

Silver medallist Weeraphon Wichuma from Thailand was more interested in rest than food.

He won at 73kg in Saudi Arabia, took two weeks to recover and had only two weeks to prepare. 

"That was tough, I’ll take a break now until the Asian Championships in February," said the 19-year-old.

The bronze medallist had no such worries. Oh Kumthaek from North Korea began weightlifting aged 12, but he did not make his international debut until today, 14 years later.

Erwin made a six-from-six 158-201-359, a Games record total, and Wichuma’s 156-195-351 was a career best.

Oh made 151-193-344 but was "regretful that I did not win gold."

China's Wei Yinting bombed out in the clean and jerk after making a Games record snatch of 161kg, while the second North Korean in the field, Pak Jongju, missed three attempts and finished fourth on 339kg.