Mirtha Nieves, Cuba's sambo world medallist, was a shining light at a recent training camp in Santa Marta ©sambo.sport

Mirtha Nieves, Cuba's world medallist and winner of the Pan American Sambo Championships, offered a shining example to fellow members of the national team attending a training camp at Santa Marta.

Around 20 of the top Cuban sambists honed their practical and technical skills at the event held on the outskirts of Vardero.

The activities were overseen by the President of the Cuban Sambo and Allied Disciplines Association (CSADA), Yusimil Ramos, and instructor of the International Sambo Federation (FIAS), Sergey Dmitriev.

The athletes, gathered from different regions, underwent several intense practical workouts each day combined with theoretical sessions on how to prepare for competitions.

"Modern and classic sambo wrestling techniques were analysed at the seminar, including painful holds, throws and their combinations," Dmitriev said.

"Painful holds, throws and their combinations" were among the aspects practised at a recent training camp in Santa Marta for some of Cuba's top sambists ©sambo.sport

"Variants of combat sambo techniques and lead-up exercises were also worked out."

According to the organisers, Nieves was the benchmark for dedication in terms of the performance of coaching tasks.

Organisation at the venue, as well as the accommodation of participants, was undertaken by Lazaro Cabrera, President of the Varadero Karate Federation and the Varadero Sambo Federation.

Following the results of the training camp, the participants were awarded with commemorative diplomas from the national association for completing the course.

Dmitriev was awarded a letter of thanks from the CSADA for his work at the seminar.