Sambo has featured on the programme for the National University Games in Nicaragua for a second time, with competition in sport and combat sambo ©FIAS

Sambo has featured on the programme of the National University Games in Nicaragua for a second time.

Competition took place in both sport and combat sambo, for men and women.

The participants were primarily students from universities across Nicaragua, as well as students from Honduras and Costa Rica.

Combat sambo made its debut at the National University Games, with action in the up-to-72 kilograms category for women, and up to 58, 71 and 79kg for men.

In sport sambo, women competed in combined 54 and 59kg, 65kg, 72kg, and combined 80kg and +80kg.

Meanwhile men competed across six categories at 58kg, 64kg, 71kg, 79kg, 88kg and combined 98kg and +98kg.

Reflecting on the sport’s inclusion President of the Nicaraguan Sambo Federation Kay Useda said: "This is another step taken by our National Federation towards the development and popularisation of sambo.

"We continue to develop our favourite sport, as well as expanding our presence in Central America, which is especially important given the upcoming international competitions.

"This tournament is an important event for national sambo in Nicaragua.

"Thanks to these competitions, we have the opportunity to assess the level of preparedness of our sambists and coaches in comparison with our Central American brothers.

"I want to thank all the employees of our federation who participated in the preparation of the tournament, as well as all the guests of the competition for the fact that they were able to take part in the event."