Azerbaijan's judo federation is offering a judogi  to the first 1000 girls aged between 7 and 14 who apply to take up judo ©Azerbaijan Judo Federation

The Azerbaijan Judo Federation has launched “White Suits Girls,” a campaign to encourage more girls to take part in judo,

The scheme, supported by Azercell Telekom, is part of a scheme to sport, combat skills and self-confidence within society in Azerbaijan, with a particular focus on teenage girls.

"One of our main goals is to further popularise and develop the sport of judo in the country," Azerbaijan Judo Federation General Secretary Rashad Rasullu explained.

"We also aim to contribute to solving social issues in our society, including supporting and contributing to the education of citizens, our aim is for women in our society to be physically and mentally healthy.

As an incentive to participate the first 1000 female applicants aged between seven and 14 will receive a judogi as a gift.

"Through this project, we will increase interest in sport and boost the self-confidence of teenage girls," Rasullu added,

"The development of women's judo in Azerbaijan is a priority for us as a federation and we will continue to carry out our activities consistently, Our aim is for women in our society to be physically and mentally healthy,

"In the future we will continue to support women in sport, to move forward confidently, engaging in judo and representing our country in international arenas."