A McKinsey & Company report has warned more than 100,000 people could be homeless in Los Angeles by the time of the 2028 Olympics ©Getty Images

A report by management consulting giant McKinsey & Company has claimed more than 100,000 residents of the city could be experiencing homelessness by the time of the Los Angeles 2028 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Estimates from the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority suggested more than 69,000 people experienced homelessness in Los Angeles County last year, and the American city's Mayor Karen Bass has declared the issue a state of emergency.

Campaign groups want Los Angeles 2028 organisers to use the Games as an opportunity to address the crisis, but chair Casey Wasserman has claimed it is a "problem we have today" and not its "problem to solve".

McKinsey's report warns 113,000 people would be homeless in 2028, using the trajectory of 227 entrants and 207 exits each day.

It is feared this could cause 16,000 deaths of people experiencing homelessness between now and 2028.

The report insists more housing will be insufficient to resolve the crisis, and the private sector should play a role in tackling homelessness.

"The homelessness crisis in LA is worsening," it reads.

"And because of its unique nature, it is unlikely to be resolved through traditional approaches utilised in other communities alone.

"In particular, building more housing is not enough on its own. Given the scale and complexity of the crisis, any solution may need tailored, large-scale coordination, the likes of which are typically seen in national-scale emergencies.

"In the face of this complexity, LA could adopt a journey- and fact-based approach to solving homelessness.

"While the public sector would naturally lead these efforts, the private sector also has a role to play."

Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass has committed $1.3 billion to tackling homelessness, but critics say this does not go far enough ©Getty Images
Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass has committed $1.3 billion to tackling homelessness, but critics say this does not go far enough ©Getty Images

Supporting at-risk employees, "diversifying talent pipelines to create employment opportunities for more Angelenos" and "supporting the capabilities and talent of homelessness service providers" are among the suggested initiatives for businesses in Los Angeles.

Bass has allocated $1.3 billion (£1 billion/€1.2 billion) to tackle homelessness in Los Angeles, but critics say her plans do not go far enough to address the issue.

Reported plans from the French Government to move homeless people out of Paris during next year's Olympic and Paralympic Games proved highly controversial.

Homeless people were reportedly moved on before the Beijing 2008 and Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

In China, people were allegedly shipped back to their home regions, while Brazilian campaigners said homeless people were forced out of tourist areas in the middle of the night.