Bolt6's technology is expected to improve volleyball's video challenge system ©Volleyball World

Volleyball World has entered a multi-year partnership with Bolt6 aimed at improving the sport's video challenge system.

The video challenge system was first used at International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) events in 2013, and introduced to the Olympic Games for volleyball and beach volleyball at Rio 2016.

It permits teams to challenge referees' decisions, with a maximum of two unsuccessful appeals allowed per set.

Bolt6 provides high-performance video solutions, and it is hoped the partnership will improve video quality to assist referees with real-time decision making and enhance the accuracy of decisions.

It is being used at ongoing Volleyball Nations League matches and is expected to be extended to all major volleyball events in the coming years.

Finn Taylor, the chief executive of Volleyball World which is the FIVB's commercial arm, hailed the potential of the partnership.

Video challenges first featured at FIVB competitions in 2013 ©Getty Images
Video challenges first featured at FIVB competitions in 2013 ©Getty Images

"We are excited to join forces with Bolt6, a company committed to technological excellence and innovation," he said.

"Together, we aim to revolutionise the way volleyball is captured, shared, and enjoyed, setting new standards for the sport."

Bolt6 chief executive Steve Carter vowed that his company's technology would serve to improve volleyball.

"Bolt6 is geared towards introducing disruption and creating fresh, captivating experiences for fans while adding value to competition organisers," he said.

"We’re thrilled to take the responsibility of delivering Volleyball World’s ambitious vision for their sport, and we eagerly anticipate co-innovating with them over the coming years."