Sambo is one of five demonstration sports chosen for the African Games ©FIAS

Five demonstration sports have been chosen for next year's delayed African Games in Ghana, including sambo and esports.

MMA, teqball and speedball - a cross between handball and football - have also been selected, according to Modern Ghana.

The sports will be staged alongside the 25 full sports on the programme.

Dalil Skalli, the President of the African Sambo Confederation, welcomed the decision to include the martial art.

"We have been moving towards this for a very long time and worked hard to include sambo in the programme of the African Games," he said.

"This is a huge breakthrough for sambo because for the first time in history, African sambists will take part in the largest multi-sport competitions on the continent. 

"We are looking forward to this tournament and will be preparing hard to demonstrate our sport in all its glory."

Esports has also been chosen as a demonstration sport ©Getty Images
Esports has also been chosen as a demonstration sport ©Getty Images

Ahmed Nasser, President of the Association of African Sports Confederations, welcomed sambo to the demonstration programme.

"Sports have always been an important part of Ghana's culture, bringing people together and fostering a sense of community, and the Local Organising Committee of Ghana Games has been instrumental in promoting and developing sports in the country, and we are excited to have your respective sambo confederation as part of the Ghana Games," he said.

Ghana was due to host the African Games in capital Accra this year but extreme debt and a dispute over marketing rights has pushed the multi-sport event into 2024.

People in the West African nation have witnessed 50 per cent inflation, growing debt and a sharp decline in the country's credit currency.

Protests have called for the removal of President Nana Akufo-Addo and the International Monetary Fund has pledged billions in a bailout.