Los Angeles Councilman Curren Price is proposing a minimum hourly wage of $30 by the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics ©Getty Images

Los Angeles City Councillors have called for the introduction of a minimum hourly wage of $30 (£24/€27) for hotel workers and staff at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) in time for the 2028 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

A motion introduced by councillors Curren Price and Katy Yaroslavsky is set to raise the pay of workers at hotels which have more than 60 beds.

The scheme is also to benefit security staff and cleaners at LAX.

"This action is more critical than ever as the wage rates have not kept up with the rising tide of inflation and the cost of living in Los Angeles," Price said.

"The Bill highlighted tourism related initiatives made by the city to prepare for the 2026 FIFA World Cup and the Olympic and Paralympics, Price said.

"It’s appalling to think that while the tourism industry has its future growth secured, the workers that keep this major economic engine functioning, safe and profitable are fighting to keep a roof over their heads," Price added.

Existing city laws already require larger hotels to pay more than $18(£14.40/€16.40) an hour to workers, higher than the city’s minimum wage of $16.04 (£12.90/€14.95).

City Hall officials have been asked to calculate the financial impact of an increase of one dollar per hour, every year up to the Olympic year 2028.

The proposals have been opposed by The Hotel Association of Los Angeles, The Asian American Hotel Owners Association and the California Hotel and Lodging Association, who have claimed that hotels are still struggling from the effects of the shut down during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

"It is proposals like these that have led to the city’s reputation as a difficult place to do business and to work," Hotel Association spokesman Peter Hillan told the Los Angeles Times.

Hotels with a unionised workforce are expected to be exempt from paying the higher wage provided that employees agree.