Kelly Slater said he would retire if he reaches the Paris 2024 Olympics ©Getty Images

Surfing legend Kelly Slater has said he will retire from the sport after the Paris 2024 Olympics - if he manages to qualify.

The American great - crowned as the World Surf League champion 11 times - is still active at the age of 51.

He did not qualify for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics when surfing made its debut on the sport programme as he was the third ranked American in the 2019 World Surf League standings - when only two from the country could earn a place.

Slater finished eighth, just one place behind John John Florence to narrowly miss out on the Games.

This is something he would like to put right at Paris 2024, which has said it will host surfing more than 9,000 miles away from the French capital in Tahiti.

"If I make the Olympics, I'll retire at the Olympics," he told Guardian Australia.

"I'm really hoping to qualify for it, but I need to get my butt into gear.

Kelly Slater has won the World Surf League title 11 times ©Getty Images
Kelly Slater has won the World Surf League title 11 times ©Getty Images

"The qualification process is going to be tough, but if I can get into the Olympics, the location the event is at in Tahiti - that wave really suits my strengths. 

"So if I can get there I think I have a really good chance of a medal, but I think the harder part is going to be getting there, to be honest."

Slater won his first World Surf League title in 1992 and his last in 2011.

He has won the circuit's leg in Tahiti five times, part of a record 56 tour victories.

Qualification places and quotas for Paris 2024 will be available through this year's World Surf League, as well as the Santiago 2023 Pan American Games.

Places will also be available through the 2023 and 2024 World Surfing Games.

Slater is currently ranked 16th after two legs of this year's World Surf League season.