East Brisbane State School faces relocation to allow the rebuilding of The Gabba for Brisbane 2032 ©EBSS/Change.org

Queensland State Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has been told that her Government's consultation process is a "sham and a farce" after announcing that a local school is to close to allow demolition and rebuilding of the Gabba for Brisbane 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

"East Brisbane State School (EBSS) will not be able to continue at its current location beyond December 2025," a Government statement said.

"I always said we would carry out consultation with the school community as soon as we knew more about the impact of the Gabba redevelopment on the school," said State Education Minister Grace Grace. 

"There has been significant anxiety in the community about the fate of the school," Shadow Minister for Education Christian Rowan responded in a statement.

"The community has been demanding consultation since the Premier first made the announcement about the Gabba, however the Premier clearly revealed her Government has already made up their mind and the entire consultation process is nothing more than a show, a sham and a farce," he added.

"This is a fake consultation with the fate of the school already sealed."

The EBSS is next to the south side of the Gabba.

Pupils have protested against the closure, carrying banners featuring the Olympic rings and the message, "Don’t let the Opening Ceremony be our Closing Ceremony".

"We were sad and disappointed and it changed to anger and frustration," EBSS parents and citizens committee member Nicky Middleton told ABC Radio Brisbane.

"I don't know what Minister Grace's idea of consultation is, but to us that means you visit the community, you ask the community what they want, you ask what their concerns are, and you respond to their concerns, nothing like that is happening."

This week the Education Minister is understood to have offered three alternatives to EBSS representatives including a relocation to the grounds of the Coorparoo Secondary College.

They also include a merger with Coorparoo Secondary College, and moving pupils to other local schools with the promise of "additional infrastructure" if necessary.

"All three options involve the closure of the school in its current site," EBSS parents and citizens committee leader Haline Ly told Channel Seven News.

Annastacia Palaszczuk has claimed that the rebuilt Gabba would a "major revitalisation" of the area ©Queensland State Government
Annastacia Palaszczuk has claimed that the rebuilt Gabba would a "major revitalisation" of the area ©Queensland State Government

Parents have also pointed out that journey times to school will increase.

EBSS was founded in 1899 and has the motto "Diversity Diligence and Distinction".

Many buildings on the site are heritage listed, including an historic bell tower.

In 1999, some parts of the school were removed in a previous development of the East stand at the Gabba, which has hosted Test cricket for 90 years.

Queensland Government figures state the cost of completely rebuilding the Gabba will be $AUS2.7 billion (£1.54 billion/$1.86 billion/€1.74 billion).

The venue will stage the Opening and Closing Ceremonies for the Games, scheduled to be held from July 23 to August 8.