More disabled categories are needed in tennis, says Kai Ryan ©Getty Images

Teenage tennis player Kai Ryan is lobbying the International Tennis Federation (ITF) to officially create a category for athletes with dwarfism, with hopes to one day compete at the Paralympics.

The 17-year-old Ryan has a form of dwarfism called achondroplasia and currently has to play the sport in a wheelchair, with this being the only way for disabled players to compete.

"Currently, for people with physical disabilities, there's only wheelchair tennis," said Ryan's father Nathan, to ABC.

"It hasn't changed since and it's a bit frustrating that all these athletes can't compete."

When Ryan met Swiss tennis great Roger Federer 10 years ago, the Australian started playing tennis, but has faced difficulties.

Despite twice being runner-up at ITF Junior Futures events, he faces issues in wheelchair events due to having achondroplasia.

"With my disability, I have to bend over to get the wheel and spin it," added Ryan.

"Moving [in the wheelchair] as well - it's confusing and hard."

He has received support from compatriot wheelchair tennis player and 15-time Grand Slam winner Dylan Alcott on his campaign.

In November, Ryan tipped his wheelchair and landed head-first onto concrete leading to "a really big concussion" and has been pushing for a standing player category to be introduced since.

"I loved playing the sport and wanted to be like Dylan [Alcott] but it was challenging - coming from a standing player, learning wheelchair," he added.

"Hopefully the ITF accepts players with physical disabilities who choose to play standing."

He has cited the category existing in badminton to be more inclusive and wants Tennis Australia to endorse Para standing tennis and have a demonstration event next year, following on from blind and low-vision tennis debuting as a demonstration event this year.

An online petition from him has received over 17,000 signatures to make tennis more inclusive for all disabilities.

Paralympics Australia has also been contacted by Ryan to ask for the organisation's support, and has visited the Japan Adaptive Stand-up Tennis Association for support too.