Vadym Guttsait has thanked Ukrainian citizens in his end of year message ©Ukraine NOC

National Olympic Committee of Ukraine President Vadym Guttsait has thanked the country's citizens for their endeavours in his New Year message.

In a year plagued by war with Russia, Guttsait congratulated his compatriots and focused on positivity despite the ongoing conflict.

"2022 has become a year of incredible trials for all of us," said Guttsait, who is also the Ukrainian Sports Minister.

"The year is difficult. But this is a year of victory, courage, indomitability of the Ukrainian people and incredible world support.

"Defenders of Ukraine are our power, strength and indomitability.

"Thank you to our heroes for every day, for the opportunity to live, compete and win on all fronts!

"We keep our professional and sports front, join the war on the diplomatic front.

"Our athletes have proven at the international level that Ukrainians are a nation of winners.

"We persevered.

"We continue to live, work and glorify our Ukraine.

"And we move forward with faith and confidence.

"On the occasion of the New Year and Christmas holidays, I wish everyone good health, unshakable faith, endurance and new achievements for the victory and development of our State!"

Just before the end of the year, Guttsait met with the regional branch of the NOC, leadership from Zhytomyr State University, coaches, and athletes.

The meetings organised with the aim of ascertaining what more the Government could do regarding the development of sport in Ukraine.

The importance of restoring and improving the material and technical support of facilities, and the upholding of sanctions against Russian and Belarusian athletes were seen as vital.

With the athletes and coaches, Guttsait thanked them for their hard work and professionalism as well as preparations for the last full year before Paris 2024.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy recently said he is waiting for 2023's first tranche of European Union financial aid this month after speaking with European Commission head Ursula von der Leyen.