The Bahrain Olympic Committee hosted an event to mark International Olympic Day ©BOC

Bahrain Olympic Committee (BOC) President Sheikh Khalid bin Hamad Al Khalifa has expressed his pleasure at the turnout for the organisation's International Olympic Day celebration event.

Several sport shows took place across judo, karate, boxing, weightlifting, table tennis, fencing, basketball, and athletics while athletes and representatives of different National Federations were also present.

As the International Olympic Day activities took place at the Avenues Mall, Al-Doy International Sports and Martial Arts Centre, and the Art Hotel and Resort, Al Khalifa also visited the site in capital city Manama that is set to host the 2024 World School Sport Games.

"Every year we mark this important day which tops the Bahrain Olympic Committee's calendar in a bid to encourage the society members to adopt a healthy lifestyle and practice sports," he said.

"We are happy to see such broad participation in the activities and games which were organised as part of the event.

"The function was a tremendous success thanks to the great turnout and positive participation."

Demonstration events were held in a variety of different sports in Manama ©BOC
Demonstration events were held in a variety of different sports in Manama ©BOC

The President affirmed that the BOC was eager to celebrate the day due to its perceived importance in the Olympic Movement, with the body claiming that it unites efforts and has the same objective to spread the Olympic values.

The success of the International Olympic Day activities has encouraged the BOC to organise further events.

"We aim to create a sports culture that targets all members of the society of different ages and backgrounds by bringing sports to the people," said Faris Al Kooheji, BOC secretary general.

"In order to achieve this goal we plan to organise a minimum of four sporting events next year similar to The Olympic Day to reinforce the values of The Olympic Day and maintain the momentum as hosting the event once a year is insufficient for the goals we seek to achieve.

"Hosted at different locations, people will feel encouraged to participate in these sports events due to their easy accessibility.

"Each of the four events will carry a unique set of activities to satisfy different interests coupled with a rotation of different Olympic sports to allow the community to explore a wider range of sports."