The UK Government has revealed how successful the BATP has been so far ©Getty Images

The UK Government has revealed the scale of success its Business and Tourism Programme (BATP) has had on improving the profile of Birmingham 2022, the city itself and the wider West Midlands region.

According to a Government BATP policy paper, the scheme has helped to acquire 23 new investments, resulted in 10 meetings, conferences and sporting events, and saw more than 2,500 UK or overseas businesses become involved in the work to create trade and investment agreements.

It is also suggested that an excess of 700 million people across 18 countries have been engaged in BATP marketing campaigns and media activity.

Additionally, the programme has funded training for tourism staff and 5.9 million people used its digital platform to view visitor information.

UK House, an initiative used to promote the country as an innovative and leading player in business during the Commonwealth Games, was part of BATP and is heralded as part of its success.

Eight days of events, which included the Commonwealth Business Forum, saw more than 90 sessions, panels, clinics and workshops showcasing discussions on various topics, such as education, healthcare, sports economy, food and drink, creative and digital technologies, future mobility, tourism and its legacy.

The BATP was designed to secure the long-term economic benefits of Birmingham 2022 ©Getty Images
The BATP was designed to secure the long-term economic benefits of Birmingham 2022 ©Getty Images

India, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia and Canada are listed as five key trading markets.

The BATP was launched in July 2021 to improve the status of Birmingham, West Midlands, the UK and the Commonwealth Games as a place for tourism, trade and investment and extract the long-term financial benefits of Birmingham 2022.

The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, the West Midlands Combined Authority, the West Midlands Growth Company, the Department for Trade and Visit Britain have all partnered to deliver the ongoing programme.

A total of £21.3 million ($23.1 million/€23.9 million) has been invested into the BATP by the UK, with the West Midlands Combined Authority providing an additional £2.6 million ($2.8 million/€2.9 million).