Mikako Kotani, the OCA Athletes Committee chair, reported positive feedback from a recent seminar ©Getty Images

The Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) Athletes Committee has said its on its way to guarantee every National Olympic Committee (NOC) in Asia has a group in its governing body dedicated to athlete representation, while requesting ideas on how to support athletes at the Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games.

Mikako Kotani, chair of the OCA Athletes Committee, conducted an online meeting yesterday and reported positive feedback from the OCA Athletes Committee webinar last month.

She made it clear there had to be support for athletes at the upcoming postponed Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games, asking for ideas from athletes.

"I think it is time to start brainstorming and discussing about what we can do to support the athletes during the Asian Games," Kotani said.

"Let's stay together, work together, keep strong communications for the benefit of the athletes towards the Asian Games."

The Japanese added that progress was going smoothly towards more athlete representation across the continent.

Hangzhou 2022 was a topic of discussion for the Athletes Committee ©Getty Images
Hangzhou 2022 was a topic of discussion for the Athletes Committee ©Getty Images

"It was a very wonderful experience for me to meet all the Athletes Committee members," said Kotani.

"I received many positive comments after the webinar.

"We had 40 Athletes Committees attending, including 24 chairs of Athletes Committees, and we had two NOC athlete representatives from Lebanon and the United Arab Emirates. 

"These are the ones who still don’t have an Athletes Committee yet but, with the support of the OCA, they are getting there. 

"They are almost there to establishing one.

"By the time we have the next OCA General Assembly in Cambodia in October, hopefully I can announce that all the NOCs in Asia have an Athletes Committee."

It was the first online gathering of the OCA Athletes Committee since November.

Topics discussed also included funding availability for Athletes Committee from the OCA and the International Olympic Committee, as well as the OCA Athletes Committee's activities for Hangzhou 2022 and the OCA Athletes Committee Athletes Forum planned for Bangkok in March.

Kotani added that Ukraine should receive donations of sports gear and equipment from the OCA; and the most-active Athletes Committee in Asia would receive an award at a special ceremony.