Alexánder Zamora has become CONCRC President ©CONCRC

Alexánder Zamora Gómez has assumed the Costa Rican National Olympic Committee (CONCRC) Presidency, nearly one year after being elected to the role.

Zamora was unanimously supported by sports federations and associations at last year’s Presidential election, which was held on September 30 at CONCRC headquarters in San José.

His term runs from 2021 to 2024.

The period since the election has allowed leadership of the CONCRC to pass to Zamora from Henry Núñez, who completed his 13-year tenure as President on September 8.

"For me it is a pride to preside over the NOC, but not only to preside it but also to be aware that as a leader of high-performance sports, you must work hard to strengthen the various sports teams and obtain positive sports results," Zamora said.

"My commitment is with sport and with the promotion of values that allow the development of a sporting activity attached to processes, ethics and teamwork."

Zamora has stressed that ethics, the promotion of sports activity and hard work will boost high-performance sport in Costa Rica.

Zamora was the President of the Costa Rican Table Tennis Federation for 20 years and was also part of the National Sports Council for eight years.

He has been involved in sport for 40 years and as a table tennis player reached 21 National Championships.

Zamora holds a master's degree in executive management of sports organisations.

The new leadership team includes judo’s Dudley López Uribe as secretary general and softball’s Roberto Castro as treasurer.

Henry Núñez, centre, had led the CONCRC for the past 13 years ©CONCRC
Henry Núñez, centre, had led the CONCRC for the past 13 years ©CONCRC

Equestrian’s Rocío Echeverri, tennis’ Kenneth Thome, triathlon’s Cristina González and athletics’ Gabriela Traña will serve as directors of the organisation, with the latter the athletes’ representative.

Ramón Cole from rugby, surfer Randall Chaves and badminton player Adrián Gómez are deputies, while karate's Mario Thomas will act in the position of prosecutor.

The CONCRC paid tribute to Núñez for his work as the organisation’s President.

Under his leadership, Costa Rica organised the Central American Games in San José 2013.

Costa Rica also achieved its best results at the Central American Games, Central American and Caribbean Games and the Pan American Games.

Núñez currently serves as President of the Central American Sports Organisation.

The organisation noted the historic medals won by Sherman Guity at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games, which were viewed as the result of hard work and institutional support.

Guity won men’s T64 200 metres gold and 100m silver at Tokyo 2020.

He became the first Costa Rican to win a medal at the Paralympic Games.