Nationals League of Legends Championship will be supported by META Esports ©Getty Images

UniSport Australia has partnered with competitive esports league META Esports for the upcoming Nationals League of Legends Championship.

It will be the fifth year the competition has been part of UniSport’s National events series with the team at META again being part of the event.

This tournament is open to all universities in Oceania, with the highest-placed Australian team taking home the Nationals Division 1 title.

UniSport chief executive Mark Sinderberry said: "With esports continuing to thrive in the university sport sector, we know that by partnering with META, the league will be conducted professionally and in line with students’ expectations."

META provides aspiring esports players with the opportunity to compete against players from across Australia and New Zealand in games like League of Legends.

"META Esports aims to develop and grow grassroots esports across Australia and New Zealand," said Woody Wu, league commissioner of META Esports. 

"With more and more students playing video games and esports titles, we believe esports should be supported like sports from governments, schools, and universities. 

"We're already making a big impact in building high school infrastructure and are excited to help support and grow university esports."

Nationals League of Legends is set to start with playoffs on September 11, with the grand final scheduled for September 25.