Sophie Christiansen mentioned how much she loved the personality of her deceased horse, Janeiro 6 ©Getty Images

Eight-time Paralympic champion Sophie Christiansen has mourned the death of her horse, Janeiro 6, who she won three gold medals at the London 2012 Paralympics on.

In a post on Instagram, Christiansen announced the news to her followers yesterday three years on from the horse's retirement at the age of 20.

Just short of his 23rd birthday, Janeiro 6 passed away with Christiansen remembering him through his personality.

She said, "He was so cheeky with everyone else but he always looked after me.

"He taught me so much about trust and mindset, about not trying too hard - once I mastered that, we flew.

"He showed the calibre of horse which a grade one could form a partnership with."

The pair recorded a new world record of 84.75 per cent in the freestyle competition at the London 2012 Games, which still stands today.

Christiansen also thanked Ascot businessmen Ronnie Wilkie and Alan Carr for helping her raise funds to buy Janeiro 6, her first purchased horse.

Her gratitude was also extended to Redbrook Farm in Hereford for looking after him in his retirement.

Janeiro 6 won three Paralympic golds and was also a double world and triple European champion in his tenure with Christiansen.