The Global Association of International Sports Federations has announced the sports programme for the World Urban Games ©GAISF

The programme for this year’s inaugural World Urban Games has been revealed, with proposed Olympic sport breakdancing among six set to feature in Budapest.

Parkour, freestyle roller skate, 3x3 basketball, BMX freestyle and freestyle flying disc will feature alongside breakdancing on a programme which the Global Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF) says reflects its “vision” for the Games.

Laser run – originally created as a new element of modern pentathlon – and indoor rowing, will also feature as showcase sports.

Laser run sees athletes complete a fast-paced course while using a laser pistol to shoot targets positioned along the route.

“The World Urban Games programme for Budapest 2019 presents a global stage for emerging disciplines, as well as an opportunity for world-class athletes to demonstrate their abilities for people in urban areas to take a proactive role in sport,” GAISF leader Raffaele Chiulli said.

“I have no doubt the Hungarian capital will be the perfect arena.

“GAISF is working closely with the local Organising Committee and with our International Federations to ensure that the World Urban Games Budapest 2019 will be an incredible event that inspires a new generation of fans.”

International Gymnastics Federation President Morinari Watanabe said they are
International Gymnastics Federation President Morinari Watanabe said they are "delighted" with parkour's inclusion ©Getty Images

The Games will take place from September 13 to 15, featuring a “showcase” of music, dance and urban culture as well as sport.

It was originally going to take place in Los Angeles, before the host city was changed last month when GAISF said Budapest’s proposed sports programme was “more in line” with their vision.

A host city contract had not been signed with Los Angeles, therefore allowing for the change.

It means Budapest will also host the 2021 edition of the event.

World DanceSport Federation President Shawn Tay says he is “sure” breakdancing will be a good fit for the Games.

“Breaking is a spectacular, energetic, fresh and entertaining sport that not only has the power to inspire youth, but also offers a great spectator experience for all,” he said.

“We are sure that breaking will find its space and fit well into the spirit of the World Urban Games.

“Breaking represents a true urban sport: it is part of a new trend and has the possibility to engage the community through social, cultural and educational activities.”

Meanwhile, International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) President Morinari Watanabe says they are “delighted” by parkour’s inclusion.

“As gymnastics is a foundation sport, parkour helps to cultivate essential physical and mental skills,” he said.

“This sporting discipline is very appealing, especially for kids, who can learn how to overcome obstacles and by doing so, get the feeling to be strong.”

The FIG’s involvement comes despite an ongoing dispute with Parkour Earth over which Federation should run the growing sport.