Pacific Games Council chief executive Andrew Minogue has claimed the latest Chef de Mission seminar prior to Samoa 2019 will aid the efficiency of preparations ©Office of the Pacific Games 2019

Pacific Games Council (PGC) chief executive Andrew Minogue has claimed the latest Chef de Mission seminar for Samoa 2019 will aid the efficiency of preparations with just 128 days left until the start of this year’s Pacific Games.

Minogue was speaking at a press conference held as part of the seminar, with the Organising Committee and the PGC being able to give an update on the event due to take place from July 7 to 20.

It also provided an opportunity for the Chef de Missions to share their thoughts concerning the three-day gathering and give an update on their team preparations for Samoa 2019.

The seminar, which saw the Pacific Games Office (PGO) host 13 Chefs de Mission from across the Pacific and Samoa, featured presentations and venue tours by the Organsing Committee.

It provided information on key areas such as sports services, Games Village operations, Games operations, security, catering and accreditation.

The main objective of the seminar was to provide information to all Chef de Missions efficiently, to assist in their preparations for the Games.

Minogue claimed the seminar has been beneficial in many ways for the Chef de Missions and the organisers.

He described it as a meeting of ideas that set expectations among the two groups.

"For the Chef de Missions, the main benefit is they’ve seen the venues, they’ve met the Organising Committee, they know who to talk to on the various issues, so it’s going to make their job easier back home putting their team together understanding what’s facing them here in Samoa," Minogue said.

"For the Organising Committee, I think hearing from the Chef de Missions and understanding what their issues are and what their needs are at Games time is going to be very helpful because there have been things that we might not have thought of, or might not have thought are as high a priority, so it helps the Organising Committee."

Preparations are ongoing for the 2019 Pacific Games in Samoa ©Samoa 2019
Preparations are ongoing for the 2019 Pacific Games in Samoa ©Samoa 2019

Falefata Hele Ei Matatia, chief executive of the PGO, revealed that having a large group of Chef de Missions come at one time allowed the Organising Committee to communicate information and lead tours in an effective manner.

The idea to do it all at once was proposed to allow organisers to concentrate all resources on final preparations for the Games.

The seminar concludes today with one-on-one engagements between the PGO and individual Chef de Missions, responding to the needs of each Paficic Games Association (PGA).

"The Chef de Mission plays a vital role for each of the participating Pacific Games Authorities," Matatia said.

"The usual practice is for CDMs to make a visit to the host country a few months out from the Games to assist in their preparations.

"Rather than having each CDM visit individually, we thought it would be best to have everyone come to Samoa at the same time, so the office sent an invitation out to all the participating PGAs with over half taking up the invitation."

Last month, Tahiti expressed concerns over accommodation for Samoa 2019 following a visit from their delegation in advance of the Pacific Games.

Organisers announced in January that a "compound" owned by the country's Methodist Church will act as an Athletes' Village.

Originally the plan was to house all athletes in hotels but the vast majority will now stay in accommodation provided by the Methodist Church in Faleula.

Only weightlifting and boxing athletes will be housed in hotels, it has been reported.