The KCF have set up a committee to assess a possible joint Korean team ©KCF

The Korean Canoe Federation (KCF) have established a committee tasked with establishing a joint team featuring South Korea and North Korea for the 2018 Asian Games.

The South Korean body are one of several sports to have declared an interest in North and South Korea competing on joint teams at this year's Games in Jakarta and Palembang.

Basketball, gymnastics, judo, rowing, soft tennis and table tennis have already expressed interest in the idea.

The respective governing bodies for each sport all responded positively to a preliminary survey conducted by the South Korean Sports Ministry.

The KCF have now taken the step to establish a committee to look into achieving their aim.

"Though the political climate on the Korean Peninsula is rapidly changing, we will continue to push for a joint Korean team at the Asian Games," the KCF said, according to Yonhap News.

"Our special committee for the joint team has already begun working."

The KCF hope to form a unified Korean team in the dragon boat race and hold training sessions on both sides of the border.

It is claimed their teams would include eight men’s and eight women’s rowers, along with head coaches.

Dragon boat racing is one of three canoe events set to feature on the programme for the Games.

The discipline was not contested at Incheon 2014, but did appear at the 2010 Games in Guangzhou.

Korean Sport and Olympic Committee President Lee Kee-heung claimed earlier this month that joint teams could prove difficult to achieve.

The joint team would likely come in dragon boat racing, should the move go ahead ©KCF
The joint team would likely come in dragon boat racing, should the move go ahead ©KCF

Lee was confident the two Koreas would march together at the Opening Ceremony in Jakarta on August 18 but said fielding joint teams would "not be so easy".

International Federations responsible for the running of each sport would have to grant their backing and, while this would be very likely given the positive publicity it would bring, public and athlete support may be harder to muster.

Teams in some sports have already been announced, with the Olympic Council of Asia having reportedly rejected the idea of granting additional places to help create joint teams.

Joint teams would follow the initiative that saw a unified women's ice hockey team compete at the Winter Olympic Games in Pyeongchang in February.

A single Korean team also participated at the 1991 World Table Tennis Championships in Japan and at the FIFA World Youth Championship in Portugal in the same year.

North and South Korea refused to play each other in the quarter-finals of the World Table Tennis Championships in Halmstad this month, instead forming a unified team with the backing of the International Table Tennis Federation.

South Korean President Moon Jae-in and North Korea’s Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un pledged to gradually reduce weapons on both sides during a meeting last month.

They also agreed to push towards turning the armistice that ended the Korean War in 1953 into a peace treaty this year, in another example of the easing of tensions on the Korean Peninsula.